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Christmas Hours

Closed Saturday 24th Dec
We re-open Wednesday 11th Jan, Thursday 12th Jan, Friday 13th from 5PM for Dinner.
Normal hours resume from Saturday 14th  - 11;30am to late. 

Our Team

We’ve got an outstanding team here at the Speights Ale House Hamilton. From our exceptional kitchen staff to our very professional and friendly front of house staff, we’ll make sure your visit to the Speights Ale House Hamilton is one that you want to make again.

Our History

The Hamilton Oasis – The New Ale House
Although the last time you were here this area was a car yard, its history and transport links go much further back. Back to the militias and armed conflict, when redoubts and forts were established. Then onto farming as the surrounding countryside was opened up and more came to settle. Recently small cottages and grander homes grew in the area as the city pushed its boundary northward. However they all needed transport, just as we had car yards so the early settlers needed stables and this area was well endowed with them, including the best known: The Livery and Bait Stables.

Captain Hamilton
Hamilton City was named after the famous Naval Commander, Captain John Charles Fane Hamilton who lead his men over the pallisades at the Battle of Gate Pa with the immortal words “Follow me, Men!” He died in the attempt but his name lives on here in the Waikato.

Midway Point
We are the midway point between the two main identities in Hamilton: the River and The Stadium.

The River
It was the river that created the terraces upon which the modern city of Hamilton rests. Soldiers came up the river to take over the land held by Maori and to settle. Farmers followed them and at the beginning of the twentieth century Hamilton grew prosperous with the rapid growth of the dairy industry. Cows brought wealth and Hamilton affectionately became known as”Cow Town” Cattle traffic only vanished from Victoria St in 1907!

Waikato Stadium
The other Hamilton identity is the stadium. This is what now draws the new enthusiastic crowds to Hamilton. It is not just rugby but such attractions as concerts and supercross that bring all the happy people to Hamilton

Speights Brewery
Like the interesting characters of early New Zealand, Speight’s has a long and colourful history. In 1876 James Speight, Charles Greenslade and William Dawson set up Speight’s Brewery in Dunedin. Still on the same site today in Rattray St, Dunedin. Speight’s is the Pride of the South.The FoundersIn 1876 a cask of Speight’s Strong Ale won the fledgling brewery its first international award at the Sydney International Exhibition. Sales soared and the future of Speight’s was secured. Speight’s Ale continued to go from strength to strength, winning major international awards including several gold medals hence the naming of “Speight’s Gold Medal Ale” in 1893.

Speight’s Craft Range
Speight’s Brewery Dunedin has brewed award winning ales since 1876. The four brews in the Speight’s Craft Range – Distinction Ale, Pale Ale, Porter and Pilsener – were originated from recipes of a bygone era in a quest to recreate flavours as true as possible to the original styles.Three of the Craft Range brews, Pale Ale, Porter and Pilsener, are fermented in Kauri gyles – open topped wooden fermentation vats which are lined with beeswax. Small volume and labour intensive, these open, shallow vessels help to bring out the seamless character and full aromas of the brews. Only one other brewery in the world is still known to use Kauri gyles.